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Diva Lash Training Courses Glasgow | Eyelash Training Scotland

Diva Lash Training Courses Glasgow

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Diva Lash courses are now offered with a full one day intensive training day followed up with a support and certification day a few weeks later.

This accredited course by The Guild of Beauty Therapists can earn students 9 CPD points.

Diva Lash Training Centre is a small private training facility offering students the opportunity to learn a skill that has taken the beauty industry by storm. Places are limited to 4 students per course for a more intensive learning experience and no previous beauty experience is needed other than enthusiasm to learn this amazing skill!


Diva Lash Basic Foundation Eyelash Extension course is a full day of intensive learning of the basic knowledge of applying INDIVIDUAL SEMI PERMANENT EYELASH EXTENSIONS. This one day intensive course is divided into two areas: theory and practical.


The theory half of the eyelash extension training course is broken down into the following elements:

  • Health and Safety of Semi Permanent Eyelash Extension Application Basic Anatomy of the Eye/Eyelash
  • Normal eyelash cycle
  • Lash shapes and variations
  • Consultation process
  • Contra indications/actions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Aftercare advice
  • Photography
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Practical

The practical area of the of Individual Eyelash Extension training course encompasses the following elements:

The eyelash extension students will have intensive instruction by the trainer, in a small class size (usually 4 students) on the application of eyelash extensions on mannequin training head to get the correct technique of pick up and applying technique.

Eyelash extension students will then progress onto applying eyelash extensions to their OWN MODEL that they bring with them in the afternoon rather than practising on each other for maximum student learning experience, rather than a student becoming a model for their fellow students!

Invitation from a previous DIVA LASH CLIENT to talk to the students regarding their own experience with Diva Lashes and how they cope at home with aftercare.

A TOPUP MODEL is provided by Diva Lash to give you an opportunity to see a demonstration of this, and a chance to practise on the Top up model and also LASH REMOVAL technique is also shown with a chance for the student to do this.

Additionally, all students are given a DIVA LASH TRAINING MANUAL to refer to whilst preparing to return for the support and certification day.

You will also receive your DIVA LASH KIT which comes in a beautiful black beauty box and also your Diva Lash Training Manual, Diva Lash Poster,

10 Diva lash client leaflets to give to your clients and Diva lash client consultation forms.

To complete this course and gain your DIVA LASH CERTIFICATE we require you to attend support and certification days as planned failure to do so will result in no certification awarded.

On successful completion you will be invited to purchase insurance through The Beauty Guild.

Once full payment of £350 is made, your manual will be sent out electronically prior to course day.

Other Courses offered at Diva Lash


This course is for lash Techs holding a previous qualified Certificate.

The Master Lash course is an accredited course that carries CPD points.

This full day course offers you training in advanced techniques and the application of LOWER EYELASH EXTENSION APPLICATION.

We start the day by assessing your current results and technique then we cover the advances moves like;

  • Lower Eyelash Extensions
  • Diva Flash Lashes (25min set)
  • Strip Lashes
  • Coloured Lashes
  • Lash layering
  • Application of crystals to the Extensions and other advanced design techniques.
  • This master lash course can take your business forward by the knowledge and new advanced skills you will learn

A Master Class course manual will be included, so that you can refer to the theory based part of the course.

Each student must have their own Lash Kit prior to starting this course and a previous lash foundation certificate.

This course can be delivered as:

One to one session for optimal learn: £250

Within a small group of maximum 4 students: £150


For all qualified lash technician who are not completely satisfied with their level of training, or of their own own level of competence and who wish to offer Diva Lash training to educate their clients.

This 1 day conversion course will introduce you to our method of training and educate you in the Diva Lash way of Lashing!

NOTE: A requirement of this course is that you have had basic training in eyelash extensions application and have your own Kit.

This course can be delivered as:

  • One to one session for optimal learning : £300 within a small group of maximal 4 students: £200


A confidence building course which is Ideal for Lash Techs needing to build up their skills and become more competent in certain areas of Semi Permanent Eyelash application.

Areas which are giving the student conce will be discussed prior to course day and further education given.

This course can be delivered as:

One to one session for optimal learning: £250

Wwithin a small group of maximum 4 students: £150